A Global Performance!

What’s been going on with our friends from across the pond, House of Friends, Kenya:

November 2019, House of Friends, Kenya welcomed artist in residence  SARAH CAMERON SUNDE. HOF, Mombasa, Kenya hosted Sunde during the process of her time based art production 36.5 / A Durational Performance With The Sea.

36.5 / A Durational Performance with the Sea is a series of performance works and video works created by Sarah Cameron Sunde that engage people on personal, local, and global scales in conversations around deep time and sea-level. It is a complex, collaborative, evolving series of works spanning seven years and six continents.

Each work in the series consists of a live performance event, a time-lapse video, and a long-form cinematic video work from a different coastal location. For each: Sunde travels to a location threatened by sea-level rise to stand in a tidal area for a full tidal cycle, usually 12-13 hours; water engulfs her body and then recedes again.

“Sunde chose the Kwale Region along the Pangani Coast in Kenya as the African location for the series because the area is known for its historic landmarks, a melting pot of vibrant cultures, and a point of entry into Africa for the rest of the world. Coastal areas will face extreme flooding, and excess salt in the soil are predicted to make water importable and agriculture extremely challenging. At the same time, Kenya is working to develop a sustainable economy, and if the population is aware of the challenges sea-level rise will bring, there is hope for adaptation and mitigation. 36.5 aims to connect the Kenyan people to these issues, while raising global awareness about Kenya’s climate change challenge.”  – 36.5

This is the 7th work in the series below is location and time the event took place.

36.5 / Bodo Inlet, Kwale, Kenya                                                                                          November 8, 08:10 – 20:16.                                                                                                                 12 hours, 6 minutes  

“We had outstanding participation from the community of Bodo with over 50 people standing in the water and hundreds of people participating from the shore. Incredible singing and dancing from UKT group and Kwale Arts marked the passing of each hour and audience members planted 700 mangrove seedlings, throughout the course of the day to protect the Bodo shoreline.” – Sunde

Find out more about this project and see the video: http://www.36pt5.org/

2019 House of Friends, Artist in Residency, Mombasa, Kenya / SARAH CAMERON SUNDE

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