NOW Artist Residency 2018

Due to schedule conflicts with one of our Judges,                                                                          we are extending our DEADLINE TO NOV 30.

Deadline for Application: NOV. 30, 2017                                                                      Notification of Selection: DEC. 11-15, 2017                                                                  Residency commences: On or around June 25, 2018






SEE : Residency for more info.

(artist responsible for all transportation expenses and meals)                                                 NO SMOKING OF ANY KIND. NO PETS.



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Land Art Day….

Gina & Jon checking out land art by Patrick Dougherty if you have a chance worth the ride out…..40min train ride to City of Hillsboro;

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The 8th Annual Wes Anderson themed art show and Halloween party!

NOW TEAM Chay, Jon & Gina as Fantastic Mr. Fox characters.
The 8th Annual Wes Anderson themed art show and Halloween party!
Hosted by Talon Gallery and Spoke Art – OCT 27

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Good Bye Sarah…

We had a wonderful time hosting Sarah Novio, this year’s Artist Residency Recipient. We hate to say good bye but to celebrate her time with NOW, we have produced a color catalog of her work and time at NOW Artist Residency. To order go to our online Store.

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An evening with Alison Saar

PNCA hosted a lecture by artist Alison Saar accompanying her exibition Crepuscular Blue at the Center for Contemporary Art & Culture. The timing of this event proved to be extremely fortuitous for 2017 NOW Residency Recipient Sarah Novio, as she is a figurative painter that also works in themes based on the woman’s experience.

Given this divine opportunity Sarah and the Women of the NOW Team bonded before the lecture over cheese, treats, wine and stories.  The lecture and exhibition proved to be powerful and inspiring.  We were grateful to share the experience with one another as the stars aligned to allowed this group of diverse women to discuss & celebrate the diversity of women.


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Welcome Sarah Novio!

2017 Artist in Residence!                                                                                                                   We love sneaking a peek at Sarah at work!


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Visiting Artist Stephen Pruitt

Part of the Now Team got to spend time with Stephen Pruitt. Pruitt comes from Austin, TX He is know for his incredible portraiture and landscape photography as well as award winning lighting and set design. Pruitt enjoyed the Eclipse and Oregon’s unique and extraordinary coastline as well as having a guided tour of Portland’s gallery district by NOW’s Gina Hartmann.

Wrapping up his visit Pruitt exclaims “I got to do a very Austin thing in Portland.” We all enjoyed an evening of Wes Anderson on a cool August evening under the stars thanks to Films at Dark in the Park,  a screening of Fantastic Mr Fox.   We hope to see Stephen back in Portland soon.

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NOW in Sicily

June – July our Founder, Gina Hartmann explores Sicily to conduct feasibility study to narrow sites for upcoming communal Artist residency. Now Team has narrowed it down to three locations. We hope to have an announcement by the end of year. Enjoy some of the incredible pics.



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And the NOW 2017 Residency recipient is…

~ Sarah Novio ~

After informing Sarah that she had been selected for the residency I reached out to get to know more about her. Below is some more information about the 2017 recipient.

Sarah was born and raised in Long Island, NY. She attended college in Florida before moving to go to New York Academy. Currently residing in New Jersey, Sarah enjoys being active, music, Disney movies, and enjoying the company of family and friends when she’s not creating artwork. As a kid, Sarah enjoyed drawing but would get in trouble for drawing in her notebook. She stopped making art in middle school and picked it back up after taking an art class while applying to a nursing program. This resulted in her changing her major to art. During this change is where she found her love for painting.

She is inspired visually by artists including, Willem de Kooning, Helen Frankenthaler, Cecily Brown, and Nicole Eisenman. She also gets inspiration from books and nature’s beauty.

Sarah enjoys being in a new place and out of her comfort zone. This is one of the reasons she enjoys residencies. When in a new environment she asks herself “How am I going to adapt, who am I going to meet, and who is going to influence me?”. She sees residencies as not only an “endeavor of art” but also a journey of personal growth.

When asked about using color in her art, Sarah said that studying different art helped her realize that color is, “not just something we see, it is something that can be used to create emotion”. Sarah feels that through art she has a responsibility to use her voice to help bring awareness to the inequality between men and women. This is why she plays with the process of painting while simultaneously painting about personal narrative and the experiences of a woman coming of age. She says her work thus far has been a journey between abstraction and representational art because she enjoys the push and pull between describing a human figure and obliterating it with flat shape and color.

On behalf of the NOW team, we are excited to Congratulate Sarah Novio on being the recipient of the 2017 NOW Artist Residency and we are looking forward to her stay!



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Sante Fe Art and Life

Founder Gina Hartmann taking some time to explore the arts and region of Santa Fe.

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