Introducing the NOW Masters Project

The NOW Masters Project is an invitational series in which artists are chosen to have professionally curated exhibitions in one of the incredible art venues that have been generously provided to NOW. It is offered to artists with a strong Vitae whose art displays museum-level quality. Artists are selected for their high level of craftsmanship, vision, and professionalism. The artist will be awarded a month-long exhibition that is professionally curated, assembled, and promoted. The artist is invited to be present during installation and for a reception during their time in Portland. Our hope is that the artist will use their time to personally invite top gallerists, dealers, critics, curators and collectors to the show.

The art world has been strongly criticized for not seeking out artists beyond their professional circles to promote and fund. The time is NOW to raise up underrepresented voices; here at NOW Open Studio we are taking up to challenge to present master-level artists to the art world at large.


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